Review: AVON Dazzlewear Lip Gloss in Plum



Hello Shopahaulics, Tiffany here, I bought this with my AVON Dazzlewear Lip Gloss in Pink Radiance which you can see here: [] I really like the consistency for this lip gloss, but I don’t really like the plum, it makes my lips look a little darker. I knew that going in but to me it is kind of unflattering with my skin tone. I am still working out the kinks for this but here is a comparison:

I do like how it applies, but if you apply it on raw lips, you may think that it is sticky. The gloss lasts a good amount of time, I haven’t timed it. I like the sparkly sheen that it has in the bottle but I am not really into the plum colors. I won’t repurchase, but I will use if I go out at night.

Positive: Goes on well.

Negative: I don’t like the color.

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