Review: Pro-Professional eyeliner in Black, Plum, and Brown

Hello :] So, I don’t have the black now, I just want you to know. I gave it to my sister when she visited and forgot her makeup. Anyway, I bought this at Big Lots for either $1-$2 and thought it was really good because these pencils are really long and will last a long time. I was super excited for the plum but it was a disappointment because it left a reddish ring around my eyes, leftover from the plum which I am sad about. I really do like the color. Maybe if I get a primer it will be like a base coat…oh who am I kidding? Maybe it will work though so I will try to get a primer for my lids. I really like the brown however because it is great for tightlining and giving a natural look that way. I love the pay off, my skin is close to the lightest color by one or two shades and I have a yellow undertone so I thought it might look muggy but it turned out great and is really pretty. The brown makes my eyes seem wide awake when I tightline and doesn’t make my eyes look small when it is on my lids. Overall I really love these eyeliners, I will work with the purple and ask about the black to my sister.

Positive: Brown is really good.

Negative: Plum was a disappointment.

WTB: Big Lots

What’s your favorite eyeliner color?

What do you think?

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