Review: AVON Urban Flowers in New York

I bought this after I saw it a long time ago when it was $12. I bought mine for $2.99-$3.99 I believe. I normally buy AVON scents not knowing what it honestly smells like. I love this smell however! My mom did as well and bought herself one too. It does smell like flowers but isn’t overpowering where you will scrunch your nose. I really, really like it. This is more of a daytime scent and stays on all day as well. I recommend this to everyone who comes across it. It comes as 1 fl oz. but is totally worth less than $5.

Positive: Smells so good and is not too girly.

Negative: Nothing.


3 thoughts on “Review: AVON Urban Flowers in New York

  1. I normally hate any scent put out by Avon but this one took me by surprise. I love it! Sad thing is I am almost out and just discovered it’s now discontinued!! Anyone know where I can find it??


    1. I searched around online and because this item is discontinued, the price has gone up severely. But you can find it every now and then on eBay or Amazon.

      Hope this helps!



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