Review: Wet n Wild MegaLength Mascara in Very Black

Hey Shopaholics, Tiffany here, this mascara is good for defining the lash and making sure that every lash is coated and separated from one another. I don’t see much length when it comes to my lashes but it makes them fuller at least. If you want to layer mascara, however, this is a good one to use with Maybelline Falsies which is what I have been doing recently. The tube is slim and can easily go with you should you need it and the comb is short pointed and it allows such great access to define your lashes. However, I have gotten the comb too close to my skin and it is not comforting in the least, it hurts for a few seconds but it will go away. This is not waterproof but it lasts a long time and doesn’t flop. Overall this is a good mascara if you don’t want one to weigh your lashes down.

Positive: I like this mascara.

Negative: The comb is not the softest.

WTB: Walgreens

Do you have a mascara to die for?

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