Review: It’s So Easy Double Up Nail Art Brush

I have wanted a dotting tool for nails about three months into making more designs for my nails. I found one at Sally’s and was excited but not. I bought this and it is amazing, don’t get me wrong. However, I don’t use the brush much at all because I really don’t like how it has a bent brush since I am so used to vertical brushes. For me, it is easier to have a vertical brush because I painted a lot in school.

Let me get down to the pros and cons. I really love the dotting tool. I love the dots that I can create. However, I wish that I had a bigger size for larger dots. Dots are feminine and make my nails cute. I love it. Now, the brush is at an angle and I really don’t like that because when I start making a design it is kind of hard for me to do. The brush is good though because if I want to make a wing on my nail it works real well.

Overall, this item works really well and I love it. I would buy it again. I think that this is about $3-4 at Sally’s but you might be able to buy this online for cheaper.

WTB: Sally’s Beauty Supply

Positive: Works really well

Negative: I don’t like the brush but that is preference.

What do you think?

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