This is a mother haul, my mother gave me all the items in this haul so I didn’t purchase them. However, a lot of these items are older and you probably can’t find them but I am sure that you can find dupes to them through any of the companies. (I say mini haul as well because that is going underneath this haul)


My mother really likes pink so many of the items are pink oriented.


AVON eyeshadow in Rose Delight


AVON eyeshadow in Pink Chablis


AVON eyeshadow in Pink Tafetta


The Color Institute brush collection.


(L to R) Rush Lipstick in Delight, Rush Lipstick in Delight, Estee Lauder Lipstick in Rose Triumph, and Lip Magic in Coral.












$5.00 Naturale Beauty from Rugged Wearhouse.


$1.37 Freeman Facial Clay Mask in Mint & Lemon from Wal-Mart


Same price and place, Freeman Facial Anti-Stress Mask in Dead Sea Minerals.


So that is it! I do hope that you enjoyed and if you have a blog or haul, link it up!

Tiffany :]

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