Review: Cover Girl Smoothers in Midnight Rose

My first colored eyeliner and totally worth a dollar! I can’t remember where I bought it but it is really good and works great. I was excited because I love the color pink, but I am sure you can tell. I tried this on and stabbed myself in the eyes, not cool, I know. Anyway, you have to sharpen it because it is a pencil but you have to be sure you don’t sharpen it too much because it can hurt, the wooden part hurts if you accidentally glide it along the lid. The color is great pigmentation, it would look better with darker eye shadows I think and bring a pop of color. I would buy this again and I am pretty sure that there are modified versions of this eyeliner by Cover Girl. Midnight Rose touches on a mauve color which is really pretty but you can still tell that it is pink.

Positive: I love it!

Negative: I hate the wood.

WTB: drugstores?

What do you think?

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