Review: L.A. Colors Mineral Eyeshadow in Graphite

This is a duo at an angle and it is messy! Both colors are neutral and don’t seem to be amazingly awesome. I bought them because I wanted to do a smoky look for myself but that didn’t seem to work because there is so much fall out. I put the eyeshadow in my makeup bag and when I bring it back out it is all dusty from the eyeshadow that has become loose. This is a duo that I can live without because the gray to me is not as strong as the white which I find odd since gray is much darker. I do like how pigmented they are however which I guess is a plus.

The bottom two are from Graphite, the top two are from Butterfly. As you can see, the white is more pigmented than the gray which is good I suppose. I like how it is a defined gray and not too dark where someone would thing it was black. A really good back to school duo that won’t be too harsh on the eyes.

Positive: I love the white.

Negative: messy in container.

WTB: Dollar Tree, Dollar General

What do you think?

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