Back-to-School: One Item Never to Forget!

This item normally goes unnoticed or forgotten and some of you may think that I am odd for even suggesting this but this is the one item I wished I had carried with me throughout high school. Here is a picture:



DEODORANT!!!!! I swear, boy or girl, you need this! There have been days where I had forgotten to put deodorant on and couldn’t go back to put any on. I was so self-conscious and it made me feel like I smelled bad. I promise that this is a good safety net because it will help with your daily life and if you don’t wear it now, start! :] Secret has a large range of deodorants for women and for men I would suggest Axe but if you don’t like the scents try Degree, it will work.


Swiping amounts vary from how much you sweat. I don’t sweat profusely but if it is a really hot day I will wear four-five swipes across my armpit. I use the same for that in the summer. In winter, if I am outside a lot then I will apply three but if I am inside and it is really warm I will apply four swipes.


I think that some people still might not see this as a needed item but I needed it and it is really handy when you have to get ready for a presentation, which I totally did. I really think that deodorant is one of those things that is needed and never noticed because makeup or sprays might be more important to someone. Trust me, deodorant is so much more important than either. Sprays make a huge mash of a mix when it comes to bad body odor and trying to cover it up, especially in the winter. Been there done that. I am just speaking from experience and hope that this helps anyone! Thanks!



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