Back-to-School & Eyes On Me: Summer Envy


So, this is a neutral tutorial with a little bit of a pop. I decided to keep the eyes very natural while having green as a statement color to show off the eyes so it doesn’t look like you aren’t wearing makeup. This is a simple look that can be used daily and it is a great transitional start to get into more makeup. I used two very inexpensive products to create the look:



Above is the traditional palette by L.A. Colors and as you can see by the arrows, I used a very wide range of neutrals that all mixed well together. The white I used as a brow bone color, the three colors in the middle I mixed to create the lid color and the two colors on the right I made into crease colors since my crease is not predominate. $1.00



For eyeliner I used the Jordana Glitter Rocks in Glam Rock Green. I do not recommend this if you are deathly afraid or allergic to crystals/glitter. I like this because it sparkles subtly. $1.89



I made the shadows create a somewhat cateye effect…



…because my lids cover most any other part and I have no crease bt I have created a small one if visible in the picture below so it shows.




For lashes, as you can tell I didn’t take a recent picture, I used Wet n Wild MegaLength mascara which is not a heavy mascara and can be easily cleaned away. $1.99 (I bought it on sale)







What do you think?

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