Back-to-School: What Makeup Do I Need?

So, I am going to start a small and short back to school series which will be before the fall semester and spring semester probably. I think that spring semester never gets enough exposure and since I am not going in fall and heading into spring, I thought I would do both. So watch out for spring back-to-school editions. By the way, some pictures are not mine, only the ones that say tiffanytheshopaholic on them are, all others pictures are to their owners.

I do believe that getting a makeup bag is important so that way your makeup is not scattered among other things and you can find it easier. It doesn’t have to be a “makeup bag” and what I mean by that is that you can just use a bag that you got from a store or a purse that you don’t really use anymore. Mind you, this is for home and not to carry around so the picture above is something that you can carry to school with you.

A foundtion brush is pretty important but you can use a sponge which worked for me as well. I bought this for $1.00 and it has worked for me well. Sponges also give good coverage and I would suggest gettings those as well if you want to make sure that the foundation goes on evenly and leaves no strokes from the brush like on a canvas when you paint.

So if you have an oily face I would suggest the foundation above. I really like this and it is really good for those hot days at school where liquid foundation can make you look shiny or cakey. I bought this for $3.00 at Old Time where as it is normally $6-8 at drugstores.

I do believe that for starters who want to try out makeup should go ahead and get a small neutral palette. I bought this for $1.00 at Dollar Tree. This is very compact and you can totally buy it at Dollar General too. I really like the colors. This was the first 12 color palette I bought and the payoff is not bad. If you want to be more defined head to the right side where the darker colors are, if not, stay on the left side.

I suggest getting a good eyeliner, black is the most basic but if you don’t want to overpower your eyes then go with a brown. This pencil is by Pro-Professionals and it is in black. I recently learned that black is kind of harsh for out and about but colored eyeliners and brown eyeliners are really good. Black is more for those night-outs and parties, to me.


Eyelash curlers are important especially if you want to look more awake in the morning and to make sure that your mascara accentuates your eyes well. I bought this at Dollar General for $1.00 and it is a good price and works well. I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot on eyelash curlers unless you want to.

Unless you want a false eyelash look then I would go for CoverGirl Lash Exact Mascara. Maybelline Falsies are good too but I would use it when I feel like dressing up. Anyway, this is perfect for school because it doesn’t make you look too done up or clumpy, the brush makes sure of that as long as you do it right. I really like this mascara. You can buy this at Wal-Mart.

If you want to add lip color you can but from what I saw when I was in high school most people used tinted lip gloss which is fine. I just always stuck to a lip balm and it worked for me. I really like the smell of this, like a melon candy I have eaten. If you don’t like fruit you can go for lemony which is another eos product.

AND, only if you want to you can get a blush but I didn’t get a blush until I was finished with high school and didn’t know how to use it until a few months ago. I honestly think that a blush would be overdoing things, but whatever floats your boat. I think this is a good start for makeup and if you have any suggestions leave it in the comments below. Also, another thing that I can suggest only if you want, and this is mostly for oily faced people, a transluscent powder. A transluscent powder will help keep the oils in your face at bay.

What do you think?

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