ShopaHAULic 19!!

So, this was over the span of two trips out and I definitely am glad I bought this stuff! Overall I spent about $12.00. My Dollar General items obviously were the cheapest but I had to get two items from Wal-Mart.

Stores shopped: Dollar General and Wal-Mart

L.A. Colors Chic Palette. Dollar General $1.00. I saw this at Dollar Tree and was skeptical because the colors are kind of out there and the middle row somewhat looks the same to me. I bought it as you can see and I really do like the colors, especially the bottom row.



Dollar General. $1.00. L.A. Colors in Warm. I bought this really for the turqiouse and coral which are on the tops ends of the palette.



Dollar General. $1.00. L.A. Colors in Brights. I bought this because of my Demi Moore tutorial in which the giant spot of purple was perfect for!



Dollar General. $1.00. e.l.f. bronzing brush. I love this and bought it because I have a giant face brush that didn’t apply blush/bronzer well.



Wal-Mart $2.96 eos lip balm in summer fruit which I love but not as much as the lemon drop which I bought in my last haul.



Wal-Mart $5.97? (somewhere around there) Clean & Clear finishes mattifying moisturizer. This is also oil-free and my face is so oily that I need something that will keep my face oil-free for the whole day.

What do you think?

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