Review: AVON Wish of Luck

Super cute bottle like Wish of Love and I must say that it smells nice, however, it isn’t for me. The scent isn’t fruity or flowery so if you want that don’t get it. It smells nice in a touch-of-feminine way. The scent lasts a long time and doesn’t smell of alcoholic chemicals like Wish of Love after a while. Wish of Luck lasts and is good for day events or casual outgoings. I don’t think this smells like a night time smell but it can be if you want. I bought this from AVON for $4.99? Around that price which is good and is worth the money but I ended up giving it to my sister since I like more feminine smells that are more prominent in the flowery department.

Positive: smells good.

Negative: Not for me.

WTB: AVON, they bring it back sometimes in the outlet section.

What do you think?

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