Jewelry Makes Skin Green?

If you don’t know what I am talking about, it is when you have an allergic reaction to a piece of jewelry that is not sterling silver or something that is not coated and decays to a coppery color. I have jewelry that does that and if you use silver cleaner it will make them silver for a few days to weeks but changes back to its original state of copper or even advances the aging of the piece to stay silver. I found this out when I wore my Twilight Rosalie necklace every day. Every time I took it off after a whole day at school my neck, where the necklace rested, looked like it had been bruised. Whatever was used would make my skin look green.

My sister brought up a good point that if I put on a clear coat of nail polish that it would prevent the necklace from changing my skin green. I did it and my skin didn’t change color! Woo! You can buy Wet n Wild Nail Polish in Clear which is cheap.

What do you think?

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