Review: L.A. Colors Auto-liner in Black



My first makeup item ever and I bought it from Dollar Tree. So excited, I do believe it was at least two years ago and a hot summer day I tried it out. The auto-liner is thin and great for those of you who don’t want to have such a giant or bulky liner. However, I must say that the auto-liner breaks easily if too much pressure is applied. The liner comes in a tube (obviously) and you roll it in and out. I learned after the first try that when I rolled it out and back in that it was loose and pretty weak. I didn’t like how it was like that. I still have it and use it periodically, however, I don’t plan on repurchasing. But, if you are starting out and don’t want to spend so much money when practicing, I do recommend it for experience because it gives you a challenge because if you don’t hold where you roll the liner, it goes back inside and you must make sure you get the liner right otherwise you will stab your eyes, and no, that is not fun.


Positive: the pigment is good.


Negative: bad packaging.


WTB: Dollar Tree, Dollar General

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