Review: N.Y.C. in French White Tip

This is a cheap white that gives good coverage at two coats, three if you want the thickest of the thick. I noticed among my nail polish collection that there wasn’t a white and I have never been one to choose white over color. But, when I did I was extremely pleased with how it looked on my skin. The consistency is good but I don’t really like the brush that it came with, either I chose a messed up one or one that just had a fatter brush. I like mediocre brushes. This is a good nail polish overall but you might get streaks if you are not careful with complete coverage. Also, it has gotten a bit gloppy since I bought it last year.

Positive: Coverage is good.

Negative: Might end up streaky.

WTB: Wal-Mart, Walgreens, drug stores.

What do you think?

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