Nail File #3: Blues A Blazin’

Hello! Welcome to Nail Files on my ShopaHAULic blog. I am going step-by-step to show you how to make these nails. These nails are simple and you can coordinate the colors with whatever event or school color or just different colors with these nails. Please do enjoy~

Nail Polish Used:

Wet n Wild in Bijou Blue

Art Deco in White

Art Deco in Gold


1. Apply base coat

2. Apply two even coats (with time to dry between each) of Wet n Wild in Bijou Blue

3. Make a white strip going at an angle from right to left. Have the strip reach the tip of the left side of the nail.

4. Copy step three but do so going under the white strip.

5. Apply top coat

DONE! :]

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