What You Will Always Need!

For me, I have learned that there is always that group of items that you will need when doing your own nails.

1) Commercial paper or paper towel

Something to place under your hand when you are painting nails so that you don’t get it on a table or a surface that you don’t want to get messy.

2) Cotton Balls

Trust me when I say you will make mistakes and it is always handy to have them around.

3) Nail Polish Remover

Always have an ample amount because you will go through as many bags of nail polish remover as you do cotton balls. I always have two bottles

so that way I will be okay when I run out of a bottle.

4) Cotton Swabs/Q-Tips

When I am done with my nails I usually have bits of nail polish that is on my cuticle and hand when I am cleaning mistakes. (I will show a

tutorial in pictures on how to get the nail polish off without hitting the nail bed)

5) Cardboard or something harder than paper (optional)

I always do nail designs and when I want to do dots or intricate designs I like to have the nail polish out on a surface where I can dab my nail art

brush/tool and have easier access.

Side Note:

Do not be near any kind of air conditioner or fan when you are doing your nails. If you are near one it can cause bubbles and uneven coating when you apply nail polish as well as causing nail polish to dry faster.

What do you think?

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