Nail File #1: Growing

Nail Polishes Used:
L.A. Girls in Purple Passion

Art Deco in White

L.A. Girls was old and something my mom had for a long time so I just used it, but it was gloppy and didn’t do much, thankfully, it lasted to work on all my nails and toes.


1) I put a base coat of AVON adhesive base coat on my nails.

2) Two even coats of L.A. Girls in Purple  Passion

3) Made a curved line on the right side of my nails

4) Feather out as I wished with light strokes.

5) N.Y.C. Shiny Top Coat (I don’t use it anymore because it cracked my nail polish) on top of nails.

DONE! :]

I must say that for a first time doing nail art, it was pretty good. I still like the design after a year and maybe I will do it again, maybe not… We’ll see. I really liked that this was easy and simple.

NOTE: Art Deco can be found at most Dollar Tree’s and Dollar General’s!!!!

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