DON’T Ask What Your Nails Can Do For You BUT What YOU Can Do For Your Nails! (Part 1)

Some people take care of their nails really well, others go to a shop and get them done, and others don’t even take care of them. I am here to say that it is SO important to take care of your nails no matter how good they seem to be now because they can change just like that. These are going to be separated into segments so that it doesn’t overwhelm you! :]

Nail File

Here are some nail files that I know of and that you can buy relatively anywhere (picture 1 is a bit harder to find). Nail files help even out the nail that is not supported by the nail bed. You can also use it to even out the nail to make it square shaped or more round. Also, when a piece of nail comes off, you can smooth out the nail with the nail file so that you don’t scratch yourself on accident.

1.   2.

1. I bought the pink one and they are files that you don’t need to replace. I bought mine from Old Time for $1.99. I think you can also buy them from Papaya. You can also buy. 2. You can get the multifaceted ones and file, buffer, shine, etc. These will run between $2-5 depending on what kind you get.

3.    4.

3. I couldn’t find the original sandpaper looking nail file but this is one that has sand paper on it. I used these when I was younger but I found that they need to be replaced every few months. These cost $1-6 dollars and the reason I say up to 6 is because you can find a large quantity together. 4. is what is as good as picture 1 because it lasts longer, but if you apply too much pressure, the metal part bends. These run for $1-3.

Hope this helped!

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the photos!

❤ Tiffany

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