ShopaHAULic 13!!

I had lots of fun shopping :] This is a period of a week or two because I have been really busy and finally was able to just push it all together to make one haul. Enjoy!


Burlington shirt that is too cute for words but is really heavy fabric, but it isn’t thick if that makes any sense? It was only $6.99 and looks really cute. A great top to go out in.


I love this store!!! You can find the most coolest things there! The deal was buy two get one free and each ring in the picture was $2.95 so that was a major plus! :]


I want red lips! Red lipstick: $2.80 Such a cute ballerina! Ballerina: $1.50



A cami for underneath the shirt below $3.99 from Papaya


A floral top from Papaya $5.00 It was sheer hence the cami above.



Butterfly for sister and mint ring for me! Buy one get one for a penny



$1.00 from Dollar Tree and was meant to match the dress I had for prom. I really like this palette it is called Moon Rock.



$1.00 Liquid eyeliner from Dollar Tree



I love this color!!!!! $1.00 from Beauty 101. Santee in Green



$1.00 from Beauty 101. Ruby Kisses in Steel Magnolia



Beauty 101. $1.00 ea.!



Beauty 101 $1.00



Beauty 101 $1.00



From L to R: Luxe Lavender, Jade, and Coral Bikini

I love all three and wanted them! $1.99 ea. They are $2.99 right now but if you can get on their website they still might have the deal for $1.99


That’s it! ❤


What do you think?

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