Review: Softlips

I watched a video that had someone saying that this was really good and there was another video about a giveaway for this product. I disregarded it until I saw it at Big Lots for…$1.00, I think. I really was excited because when I went to Wal-Mart it was approx. $2.97 for one and that was not going to spend that much on something that small and skinny. Thankfully, I did find it and have already used them both. They lasted me about 2 months and maybe a little more. The white tube is vanilla and the other is a tinted one, a icy pink. I am not fond of vanilla but that is what came with it. The vanilla is not obnoxious which I appreciated. The pink one looked great on my lips and worked with my skin tone, making me look a little bit lighter in person, I suppose. I don’t like dark or bold lips colors. They both worked well and had spf in them so that was much appreciated. Overall this is a good chapstick and one of the best out of the ones I have tried.

Positive: Worked really well.

Negative: I wish it came in a bigger packaging.

What do you think?

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