Review: AVON Far Away

I wore this perfume throughout my middle school years, once I got my first one from my mom and it smells much too old for someone around the age of 10-12, but I didn’t know that. Anyway, this perfume is strong when you put it on “…modern oriental blends jasmine, freesia, orange flower, and peach.” “SCENT SENSE: this is an oriental scent. Infused with spices and vanilla to project sexiness and depth.” From AVON. The smell is orient, but I smell a light vanilla in there which I didn’t know until now lol. I have it beside me, literally. I don’t know what the flowers in person smell like but there is a bit of a flowery scent. The scent does last all day and you will be able to notice it subtly and apply when needed. I don’t smell the peace at all, if it is there, it is too light for me to smell.

I recommend this to anyone who likes a strong smell and is not worried about it staying pretty strong all day.

Positive: Smells good.

Negative: Nothing really other than it smells a bit too strong for me unless I am going somewhere fancy.

What do you think?

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