Review: Bath & Body Works antibacterial gel in Twilight Woods

Okay, so I will admit that the first thing that drew me to this scent was the fact that the word “Twilight” was in it. Once I smelled it though, it was amazing! I loved it for a while but never bought it since BBW can be expensive. I am also not a big fan because they use alcohol and my skin rashes easily from it. I do however love the antibacterial gel even though I think it is causing my dry skin since it isn’t cold enough yet where I live where my skin would be breaking out. Anyway, this is really good and I love the smell a lot!

Quick Review: The pink holder is really cute and cheap, only a $1.00, the gel is $1.50. Anyway, it is durable and strong, I love it.

Positive: Smells great!

Negative: Makes my skin itch?

What do you think?

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