Bathroom Organiztion

So, there is a lot that goes into a bathroom, toiletries and such, which can take up a lot of space! I am the same, above the counter in the bathroom though, the cabinets are full of cleaners which I rarely touch. I just want to explain what is in my bathroom. I have my jewelry, perfumes, brushes, hair items, nail polish remover, face cleaners, etc.

If you want to keep a clean bathroom you need to vacuum at least once a week and wipe down all counters should you get water. Water wears down the counter and can make it duller in color and wer down its durability. Now, I always leave my jewelry lying around which is pretty bad but every Friday/Saturday, I will take everything and put it back into its normal place in a container. My necklaces all hang on towel holders (I don’t know how to explain it).

Anything that you have that you use every single day, like face wash or hair spray, something that you know will be a hassle later on when you have to keep bringing it back in and out, you can leave out. I also have these drawers that are about 6-8 inches tall and there are two of them. One holds my other brushes, ointments, tweezers, pumice stones, etc. The second drawer has my hair ties and clips. I try to keep that organized as much as I can.

So, try not to keep a lot on the counter if you can help it! Make sure you clean your bathroom whenever you feel that it is not as clean as it should be. I honestly think that my bathroom is brighter when it is clean which makes no sense but I guess it is psychological? I don’t really know. lol

What do you think?

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