ShopaHAULic 12!!

So,  I went shopping intending to get a prom dress (which I did) and bought more things!

Books-A-Million, 4th book to the Accidental series.

Books-A-Million, 5th book to the Mercedes Series.

Books-A-Million, 5th book in the Undead Series.

(unsure of price, my sis helped me buy it) Disney Store, Little Mermaid!!!

So Hot Topic is had a sale of everything in these boxes (male and female) for only $6.99!! I bought two shirts which are totally epic! If you haven’t heard of their HT+1 card, ask them because you get a load of points that help you later one 😉

$6.99 Pink Power Ranger!!!!!! EPIC!!!!

$6.99 TAYLOR SWIFT!!! ❤

Forever XXI $5.80 and super cute.

$6.99 for my brother.

$1.99 super cute!!!

$1.99 :]

Wet Seal always has a sale of buy one get one for a penny and it is super lovely, it is a dress. My sister got sandals that look good on her feet, they are bedazzling. The dress was 13.99.

What do you think?

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