ShopaHAULic 11!!

Everything I bought in this haul was under $10.00 each. The earrings are from Rugged Wearhouse and books are from Ollie’s Bargain Outlet. Enjoy :]

$3.99. At first I wasn’t going to get them but they are kind of different from the mass of earrings that I do have lol.

$2.99 and they are like vintagey earrings that are super cute but the ball bothers me because it hits my collarbone, yeah, they are long.

$3.99 and the third book in the series, paperback. I really wish they had the first two but they didn’t 😦

$5.99 hardback and amazing! I love this series and cannot wait for the second of this series to come out!

$3.99 (I think) Nevermore, really interesting summary so I decided to get it.

$1.99 Cheap and sounds interesting, you know, girl helps royal boy from a battle, heals him, and they are fighting to be together.

What do you think?

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