Review: AVON

Okay, so I can honestly say that I am an AVON junkie. I love AVON’s products. I do have to say a few things about it though. So first, what I love about AVON.

I love the wide selection of makeup, it is so vast that it would burn a hole in my pocket if I bought everything! I also love their nail polishes! I want them all but I know that I can get them for cheaper and they are a bit on the expensive side for me. They also have amazing jewelry which I love! I am more fond of their silver jewelry. There is also fragrances which is great because their perfumes are much cheaper than other perfumes which you can get at department stores. I love that they have items for men, even if it isn’t a lot, they still reach out for men so that women can get something for their man ;).

I do not like:

Their gold jewelry because it can be deceiving in photos. I have bought two items that looked beautiful and a bright gold but when I got them, they were dull and one of the ones I bought broke.

I wish they had samples of all their fragrances because I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to buying a perfume when I haven’t smelled it.

Picture size, you think that when you get it, it will be the same as the picture size but ends up being smaller which drives me up the wall.

Um, that is all I can think of right now. So, that is my likes and dislikes :]

What do you think?

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