ShopaHAULic 8!!

I went to the mall and it was so great because I had so much fun and needed to splurge a little because I needed some retail therapy! Everything I bought was under $15.00 each, so that should be an applause on its own. I only buy things that I think are reasonable, so yeah. Enjoy :]

$0.99 from TJ MAXX which held everything I bought at the mall that day.

$1.50 at Forever XXI, absolutely adorable, but not for me. I am a more bold person when it comes to jewelry. I bought this for my sister who loves more simple dainty things. I thought she would like it because not only is it simple, but has a little bling with a diamond.

I forgot how much this was, but I love leaves and got this at Forever XXI. Super cute and I love the diamonds on the vein of the earrings.

$8.99 (I think) at Forever XXI, it was in their clearance section and I absolutely adored it. It cuts off at the hip. Super cute.

I am unsure about the price of this as well, but as you can tell it was Forever XXI as well. They are for my sister and they are super cute.

I believe this was $11.99 and I love it!!! Super cute and reaches down to the knees for me. I am only 5’1″, so you can see that if you were taller it would probably reach the thigh.

I forgot, I think3-4 dollars and it is for my sister because she loves purple. Super cute. They have more colors if you don’t like these.

I LOVE THIS! $8.50 but totally worth it!!! I love this so much.

$1.09 each. I bought blue for my sis. I love the pink one I got and it works well, especially when I need to put my hair up to wash my face.

$3.97 and I love this author. I love her Undead Series. Haven’t read this yet but I am sure to love it.

$1.00 my mom found this and I knew I had to have it.

$1.00 cutest bird ever!!! Pink feather!!! eek! 😀


There was a snake at AVON that I wanted but this is adorable.

I love the peacock but I am not a fan of the color blue, not something I like to wear, cute though. All the diamonds except for the eyes and body are blue.

Claire’s items were 10 for $10.00, so some items aren’t shown because they were for my sister and others were for presents, so yeah. :]

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