Magic Haircomb


As you can see, it is $4.99. My mom bought me my first one a week or so before and it is black and white, this one I bought when I was with her and it is pink. I absolutely love it…for the most part. So when my mom got it for me I was all for it and then I put it in my hair and it holds! Don’t think that it doesn’t. The reason I say “…for the most part.” is because I am inept still for trying to get it in my hair. lol. I really suck at getting it even and grabbing an even amount of hair. But, I am sure that you can just tie your hair and put it over it, works all the same. The teeth that go into the hair are good, but if you apply to much pressure they bend out of shape which I don’t really like, but I am just rough with everything I own, I try not to be. But, yeah, they have these at Old Time and probably at Bed Bath and Beyond as something “AS SEEN ON TV” or something.

Positive: Works.

Negative: If you apply to much pressure you will bend the comb teeth, they are made of wire?

What do you think?

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