ShopaHAULic 6!!

This is a really old haul. I lost my internet shortly after I got these items, so this is last year around October. I have lost track of getting pics for hauls. But, I decided I should put this up still and show you guys! I shopped at Walgreens, K-Mart, and Dollar General and Sally Hansen.

Walgreens + Hello Kitty = BOUGHT lol. I love this and she is so cute and has her own stand!

Walgreens, I wanted a cheap volume mascara, it was on sale for $1.47 I think. Wet n Wild.

Walgreens, Wet n Wild clear lip gloss.

Walgreens, Wet n Wild length mascara.

Walgreens, Wet n Wild, I saw this and thought, well a creme liner, that sounds cool.

Walgreens, Wet n Wild eye make up remover, I wanted to try a make up remover that was something other than AVON in case I couldn’t get any on time.

Sinful Colors nail polish, I had coupons and bought some, who wouldn’t?

Dollar General silver and is really pretty.

same as the one above.

same as the above, above.

dollar general, pretty amethyst. :]

Best nail art tool ever! the dotting side anyway. from Sally Hansen.

Just to protect my heels.

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