Review: AVON Color Glide Liquid Eyeliner in Blackest Black

I am not crazy about the wand. The brush is just kind of flimsy and it is much easier to mess up. I was skeptical and it is hard if you have no experience. I am not too happy with the brush. It is an older product, I have not seen it, this is probably discontinued. The product is good, consistency is good. The brush is kind of too crazy for me and it can get on your lashes and clump them which is not something anyone wants. I do like how it makes a line that isn’t too thick (as long as you can control the brush).

I used it three times to make my decision final. This product is not a product that you can use to get a “cat-eye” effect easily. Don’t use it unless you are super sure that you can create it without any issue. When I was taking it out with my AVON makeup cleaner [] I had a lot of fall out in my eye which was hard to get out since I had to wash it out. Not the best liquid eyeliner.

Positive: great consistency.

Negative: Fall out in the eye and hard to make a “cat-eye”.

What do you think?

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