ShopaHAULic 4!

So I bought these items about a week or two ago.

Stores Shopped: Dollar Tree, Big Lots, and Wal-Mart

I was so close to not buying this but I wanted it so I got it. The dark blue-green is what got me XD It was a dollar, what would you have done?

A neutral palette, which is really good for neutral looks, hence buying it.

juicystar07 on youtube told youtubers about the tip with using black eyeshadow to pat on the water line to make the eyeliner last longer. (I know she didn’t create the technique but I first saw it from her so *shrugs*)

Three pack of eyeliners for $1.00?! Too good to be true :]

$1.00 and I needed a new nail polish remover. I heard about this remover from amarixe on youtube.

Okay, 6 eye shadows + a eyeliner with smudger!!! ❤

Lip Balm is essential for my dry prone lips so I bought this :]

That’s it! Whew 😮

What do you think?

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