ShopaHAULic 3!

So, this haul is definitely overdue. I bought these items in September and haven’t had the chance to get all the pictures taken and edited. I have them now so here is one and then another haul that I also had for about a week or two? I also bought a few things over the weekend. So two more hauls!

Stores shopped: Forever XXI and Walgreens

Okay, so there are two pics for this ring because I wanted to show the detailing (picture to the left) and it was about $3.80-$4.80 I can’t remember)

$4.80? I am not too sure but this reminded me of Lady GaGa and later Hello Kitty thanks to my mom.

4.80…I think. Isn’t he cute?

$10.80 >< I know, a lot but Forever XXI doesn’t do returns and they never have the same things in stock! So, I just bought them and love them :]

Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Clear Nail Protector (best one I have used so far, N.Y.C. Top Coat SUCKS!!)

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Caribbean Frost

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Metallica

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Lavender Pearlscent

Wet n Wild Wild Shine Wild Card

That’s it!

What do you think?

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