Review: L.A. Colors Color Craze in Electric Charge

I love this!!! I am not even joking on how much this is my favorite nail polish right now! This is only $1.00 at Dollar Tree. I saw another packaging but it is by the same company. The pink is hot pink and even though we are getting into fall I love it!!! Now, the color may be all that I care about but I noticed that even if you have two coats you can still see the whites of your nails. I am sure if you put more than two coats you will not see it but since I do designs on my nails I just decided to leave it at that. This nail polish is really amazing. I am so excited and seriously ready to use the other nail polish that I bought by them.

Positive: The color and how pretty it looks.

Negative: Sheer if only put one coat and even at two you can still see the white of your nails.

What do you think?

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