This or That TAG :]

blush or bronzer                              Neither (but if I had to choose I guess blush, never used either)
lip gloss or lipstick                          Lipgloss
eye liner or mascara                      Eyeliner
foundation or concealer              Concealer
neutral or color eye shadow      Color? Probably neutral though
pressed or loose eye shadows   Pressed
brushes or sponges                        Brush

OPI or china glaze                           Neither, they are way too expensive
Long or short                                   long
Acrylic or natural                          natural
Brights or darks                              darks
Flower or no flower                       I do my own designs, flowers haven’t done yet.

perfume or body splash              perfume
lotion or body butter                   lotion
body wash or soap                        body wash
lush or other bath company     other. I don’t even know what lush is.

jeans or sweat pants                      jeans
long sleeve of short                       short
dresses or skirts                             dress
stripes or plaid                                plaid
flip flops or sandals                       flip flops!
scarves or hats                                scarves
studs or dangly earrings             dangly!
necklaces or bracelets                 necklaces
heels or flats                                     heels
cowboy boots or riding boots  riding?
jacket or hoodie                             jackets
forever 21 or charlotte russe   forever 21!
abercombie or Hollister            neither
saks 5th or nordstrom                neither

curly or straight                            straight
bun or ponytail                              ponytail
bobby pins or butterfly clips   neither
hair spray or gel                            neither
long or short                                   short for me but I really miss my long hair!
light or dark                                    dark.
side sweep bangs or full bangs sideswept but i wish i could pull off bangs again
up or down                                       up normally but down looks really pretty :]

Rain or shine                                  shine with wind please!
Summer or winter                       winter
Fall or spring                                 fall
Chocolate or vanilla                   chocolate
East coast or west coast            east coast?

What do you think?

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