AVON vs Mary Kay

I will say now that I have not shopped from Mary Kay before. I am basing this off of AVON and Mary Kay’s website. I visited Mary Kay’s website today and I found that the way they have the set up is pretty good. I like how you can look at the colors of lipsticks by hovering over a color’s name. AVON only has swatches that you can look at. I love to shop variety and I did not see anything other than makeup and skin care which is really good. I just wish they had jewelry, clothing, kitchenware, etc.

Mary Kay has a lot of skin care which I like. They also have a virtual makeover which is really cool. I like that. I do like how they categorize. I like the variety of a certain product. They have one of a product which has a lot of colors which is cool. I love nail polish and unfortunately did not see any on their website. It is a sufficient site and very elegant. I would like the website to be more vibrant but that is just me.

AVON has easy navigation and the products they have are great. I don’t like how some of the pictures deceive you. Not my favorite thing but I do like their products. Their fragrances are really good and they have a variety. I really like AVON. There are countless things to choose from.

All in all I really like both sites, I don’t think I have a Mary Kay rep around where I live but I can always look. I love AVON personally and will continue with AVON but I wanted to do this to let people know about both sites and a simple overview of the websites.

What do you think?

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