ShopaHAULic 2!

So, I bought everything below during labor day weekend. I went to these places: Forever XXI, Dollar Tree, and Bath and Body Works. I did go other places but I didn’t find anything that I liked or it was too expensive.

Okay, so the three pieces of jewelry is what I got at Forever XXI. Really cute and I like it :] I have wanted peacock earrings since my sister got hers. The photo makes the dark colors look pink so don’t worry about that. Anyway, they were all below $6.00, I think. Anyway, I really like them :]

I got these three items at Dollar Tree which was awesome and I love the nail polishes I got  :] I am super excited to do designs with them all! I got the glasses case so that I could take it with me when I travel or spend the night at someone’s house or just for the woohaw. I don’t really know. I just like it lol

Bath & Body Works was having a sale. The bacterial gel was 5 for $5. I love it! They are normally $1.50 which isn’t bad. I bought two, my sister got two, and we got one for our brother. I think my sister got dark pomegranate and japanese cherry blossom and  my brother an unscented one. The holder you can buy for $0.50. I really liked getting them and I love Twilight Woods. Not my favorite but I like it. I saw it first because it says “Twilight Woods” and the first word had me sold. The scent is actually really good and I was surprised. :]

Anyway, that’s it. I bought all these during the Labor Day Weekend. I know, a long time ago but I just got around to editing the photos and posting this up! Enjoy it :]

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