Review: Bath and Body Works Body Cream in Japanese Cherry Blossom

I love Japanese cherry blossom. My sister got the lotion for herself but left it at home so i decided to start using it. I really like the smell, it a bit overpowering. I put lotion all over my calf and ankles and my mom could smell it from the kitchen which is saying something since I was in the living room. Anyway, it smells good and makes my legs smooth, but I had shaved them about a day or two ago…maybe it was the same day, anyway, later that day or the next day, it made me itchy. I have a bit of an allergy to direct contact with scented things I suppose. I do not know. My leg didn’t break out or anything but it did make me itch and pores opened up. There isn’t any significant change to my legs at all. My skin just can’t do lotion or perfume contact on the neck and legs.

If you are unsure of whether you are allergic (skin wise) to any scented items try a small amount on your legs or arm and see how you react. I tried it on my arms one time and it made me itchy, I didn’t break out, just turned a little red in the arms.

Positive: Smells good.

Negative: Strong on the nose if you use a lot of the product at one time and if you are allergic makes your skin red and make you itch.

Disclaimer: I do not own the photo.

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