Oops on a Crackle Pop!

That title means nothing in case you were wondering! Um, totally sorry that I hadn’t posted in…two days? I have been quite busy and finally got a chance to get on here without being exhausted to my bones. I have more posts coming up and I got a new haul coming up! Two of them actually, I went somewhere on Friday and Saturday so there will be lots of things. Of course, my mom decided to unpack everything already -____- so nothing has it’s tags or anything which really sucks for me because I can’t tell you the prices…I will try though!


Update: 5 days! Oops!!!! Dang, this sucks >< I will probably do reviews once, maybe twice or three times?  a week? I will talk about random things as well probably. I will see what I decide!

What do you think?

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