How Book Reviews are Going to Work! :]

Okay, so since I am broadening my variety to blog about other things, I am going to create a format so it is easier for you to understand. So…

The picture that will be placed in the blog is going to be the first book in the series.

I will link the author so that you can see the other books.

I will also tell you how many there are so far/going to be, if I know at the time.

Alright, so, now to talk about something else that people will ask about in the future. My opinions are my own, in case you were wondering!!! I am not paid for anything! Also, most of the books that I will blog about are romance/fantasy. I love those kind of books and if you don’t and have read a really good book, please send me a suggestion in my “Feedback” link at the top.  Or just click here—> []

By the way, if I didn’t list something and I put in something that confuses you, let me know in the link above.

What do you think?

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