Review: Burt’s Bees Peppermint and Pomegranate

(Left: Peppermint) (Right: Pomegranate)

Okay, so when my sister had chapsticks, I never used any and you know where that led? Chapped up, peeling skin lips, and you know what? I used to peel my lip’s skin, not caring if it bled. Which in winter you can imagine hurts a lot. I definitely learned my lesson when I was walking with my sister, shopping, she handed me Burt’s Bees, the peppermint scented one, if you can imagine, it hurt. The peppermint felt like it was burning my lips right off. I immediately took a disliking.

Of course, my sister wanted to help me and my lips so she said that I should try pomegranate. The pomegranate if definitely much better for severely chapped lips. Definitely buy pomegranate or honey if you have issues with chapped lips and you are to the point where you are peeling the skin right off. Pomegranate is tinted so when you use it there will be a bit more color on your lips. I like it and pomegranate is a scent you either love or hate, I had to get used to it and now I don’t mind it at all :] I am pretty sure that the chap stick is $2.94 where I go get it which is Wal-Mart. Prices may vary though.

Positive: All scents are really good. Burt’s Bees is also all natural.

Negative: Nothing, it works, and definitely helps yous lips.


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