Review: Art Deco

To me, these are the best nail art design polishes that I have used…they are the only ones I have ever used. The brush is no more than an inch or shorter. The brush is a good length and you can do a lot with it. The colors (not all colors are shown above) are amazing, the ones I have. I have listed them in this post: [] I just want to let you know that the solid colors come out more matte than shiny, so place a top coat on it. The glitter colors should be placed carefully because if you put too much it will look a bit odd and the nail polish comes off faster from my experience. These are also only $1.00.

I definitely like the colors but I really wish that there would be an easier to apply. I am not an expert nail person but I really like my nails to be matching and I have to redo my nails sometimes because I mess up. I plan on getting nail tools. The nail brush is good for details but it would be better to get something more easier until you can do designs steadily with these. Not to say that they aren’t good. I really enjoy making nail designs with them :]

Positive: Colors are good.

Negative: Hard to do with my left hand on right since I don’t use my left hand to write with, which makes it hard for me to do designs sometimes.

Disclaimer: I do not own the photo.

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