Review: N.Y.C. Purple Pizzazz Frost

I have been waiting to find a cheap purple that is not light and pastel-like. I wanted a dark one and this purple is actually a purple you would see on a crayon of sorts. I am not sure how to explain it other than it is the standard purple that you would see. Two coats will allow full coverage to the nail. The sparkle from the purple is beautiful and I love it. $0.93 at Wal-Mart. I liked the consistency and it didn’t have that overpowering nail polish smell that I am so used to smelling in most nail polishes which shocked me.

Positive: You can actually tell it is purple and not some dark color that you have to decipher.

Negative: I don’t think purple is my color but I love it anyway :]

Disclaimer: I do not own the photo.

What do you think?

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