Outlets and Clearance are Friends

Many consumers out there find that outlets and clearance are just cheap things or stuff that is for poor people and in a sense that is true. Not all see it that way. Those who have budgets to adhere to and families to feed need an outlet to buy things for themselves while staying budgets. I am not saying that buying something like a new phone if your old one is dying or busted or just old is bad. I wouldn’t pull back from a little splurge every now and then if you have enough to fall back on.

Outlets and clearances are there when stores need to get rid of stuff, I mean, who needs to trouble themselves with more debt? Not me. I definitely think that outlets and clearance help those who can’t afford the wonders of life, yet. “What about cars? There are not outlets for those.” Go to wholesale or auctions. You can get someone to help you buy a car, there are also open auctions for all. You can check out a car if you want and test it out. The cars at auctions can be really good and the prices are better than getting a newer car. Definitely worth it. Clothes and jewelry and shoes, all those luxuries you can go to places where they sell for cheaper. Plato’s Closet and Goodwill. I know, you might think that it is a charity place, both of them really. No, they are just places where people who don’t want clothes sell them. Goodwill has some pretty cool stuff and Plato’s too. No one is above going to places where you can buy things on sale.

Don’t buy anything unless you really need it and don’t take any of the things you have for granted.

What do you think?

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