ShopaHAULic 1!

Yes, my first haul since I got this blog and I am excited to share the stuff I got 😀 I didn’t buy anything over $10 The most expensive thing I bought was $5. Did she just type in “$5”? Yes, yes, I did and I am happy with it! Places I shopped were: Old Time and Big Lots. Everything but the books and earrings will be reviewed. If you would like to see reviews on them let me know in a comment :]

Okay, so these are four pairs of earrings that I got and I was excited to get them :] They were only $1.99. They are by Princess Accessories. I do make earrings myself and some of the materials used are things that you couldn’t buy for $1.99, which to me is crazy. I really liked them. There were more that I wanted but I decided not to get them. BTW, my favorite color is PINK, but I wanted more blue and green since most of my earrings were pink and black :] Not to mention that these were the prettiest (to me) when I looked at other colors with the same design.

If you have seen them on TV then you know that you can get two for 4.99 at places like Anna’s Linens and maybe Bed Bath and Beyond. I am not sure about the latter. Anyway, if you want more design to them then $4.99 is really good. I already have one of these in black and white. I bought pink yesterday…well, because I love the color pink. So, yeah.

I saw this and it was only $1.00!!! How crazy is that? I really liked it and wanted it badly. It is a beautiful light/pastel/baby blue called Rendez-Blue. The package says it is limited edition. I just checked and can’t find it on their website but saw google having them for sale at other places. They had this blue color and a pale pink. I wanted both but the pale pink looked like you needed to pack on the coats. I am sure that the blue one will need more than one coat but I will review this nail polish and let you know 😉

Okay, so if you have low-cut tops and don’t have anything to cover them up, here you go. Just use a tank top underneath to keep your cleavage in check. I bought this in medium for $5.00, it comes with three of them. It came in black, dark gray, and off-white/cream. You can get them in more combinations but I bought this one.

I heard about this company from, I believe juicystar07 on youtube (http://youu) she is a makeup guru and an amazing one at that 😉 Anyway, so this is at Wal-Mart for $2.97 and I didn’t want to spend almost $3 on a smell I didn’t like. The ones I saw at Wal-Mart were the regular tinted moisturizer and I believe either cherry or vanilla. I saw only vanilla and got it for only $1.20. I am excited to try it :]

I bought these two books. I saw Generation Dead and it looked interesting. I thought it was a book from the Pretty Little Liars Series. The girl on the cover looks like one of the characters. Anyway, this is a book I am planning on reading when I can take a break from getting books from the library. I knew about Undead and Uneasy I have been reading the books and the one I bought is number 6. ( I really love this series, there are 9 to this point. I don’t know if that is the last book. Anyway, it is really good and funny, you will laugh :]

I hope you enjoyed the haul! I love them :]

I DO OWN THE PICTURES! Ask for permission before taking!!!

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