Review: Wet n Wild Sunny Side Up

Definitely one of the colors that I have used that is the most surprising and shocking. I absolutely love this. At first I thought that it was a more yellow color and it shocked me by the bright orange that I got on my nails!

The color was amazing and I will buy more of Sunny Side Up when I run out! I bought it for $0.99 at my Walgreens and it was definitely awesome to see a bargain nail polish that works well and really great color!

Positive: The color is in your face so if you want something that gets people’s attention this is it 😀

Negative: I was practicing my N.Y.C. Grow 10 Nails (review for that is one down) and the nails I hadn’t been using it on looked like they were cracking. I will have to wear that color again and I will update this part to let you guys know what went wrong with the nails :] (UPDATE AS OF 8/18/10) N.Y.C. Grow 10 Nails was the reason my nail polish was cracking.

Disclaimer: I do not own the picture.

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