Review: AVON Black Pearl Gel Liner

When I saw this it was on sale for $5.99 with the brush that you see in the picture above (Review on brush later). I definitely was glad to see something different and wanted to try it as well. I was getting into makeup and this looked really cool so I ordered one. When it came in I didn’t know what to expect. I am no expert when it comes to gel liner, but I am pretty sure that you can wet the brush that it comes with (when you buy it in a set for $5.99, otherwise the gel liner is $7.99 and brush is $1.99). Even without wetting the brush I do like it and if you get the Black Pearl color it has gold shimmer in it. If you just want black alone get Black/Brown, I believe they also have Brown. If you should get the liner, get it with the brush too, when it is on sale together :]

Positive: I love the gold shimmer and it goes on well.

Negative: I am not sure, I am no expert but I didn’t like how stiff the liner was, of course, you need to get a wet brush so that is probably why I was having trouble getting liner.


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