How to Get Good Deals

To get the most for your money you need to make sure that you think about what the item is and if it is honestly too much for your budget. For example, a shirt that is $50.00, waaaayyyy too much but some people are high end shoppers, that is not my preference though. I like to save money rather than just use fifty dollars to buy one thing. (I am in no way dissing or offending anyone who has the money, if I have offended you, I am sorry) I love to look for things that are on sale by going to the clearance section. 60%,70%,80% is a GREAT deal :] You save tons of money by just looking at the items on sale.

Want something that is not on sale?

Wait, don’t go get it because you want it now, hold back, and remember what it is. You can come back maybe a month or so later and it might be in the clearance section! Many thing clearance is just for the poor but I think of it as a way for stores to get rid of clothing for new shipment so they can display it and for shoppers to get the most for their money.

So, just think about how to ave money and still get great items. :]

What do you think?

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