AVON Adhesive Base Coat Review

I read reviews on this base coat and it was in the outlet of AVON. I was interested, it was only $1.99 and I needed a new base coat that would work. I had an old base coat for who knows how long since I hadn’t gotten into nail polish (like an obsession) until this summer. I definitely love base coat, protects nails and does help keep nail polish on for a longer period of time. Good applicator and the base coat is definitely something that I like a lot. Drys really fast and works well. I wish they still had it because I would buy more…maybe they will bring it back for a special sale or something.

Positive: Drys fast.

Negative: Nothing that I can tell.


Update: March 21, 2015

I did stock up before they sold out and still have one more bottle so here is an updated and organized review:

Packaging: I love this bottle! I cannot tell you how nice it is to have a bottle that is easy to open with wet nails. I tend to put the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails on so that it can strength my nails. This really works to have a really nice base coat even when your nail beds are a little drier than normal.

Durability: I find that it really depends on my nail polish that this varies. Even after all this time it has not really changed the difference, it is the polish that changes the duration. However, there is a Sinful Colors polish, the name is escaping me, that stained my nails and this did nothing to protect it. Other than that, this base coat works really well.

Pigmentation: The liquid inside is blue but the application is clear.

Budget: As stated above, it was only $1.99. They only have two base coats available but if either of them interest you, you can purchase them here: AVON base coat. I am not sponsored, just giving you options and I cannot say if they are good or not but both tops coats have reviews from customers.

-The Mermaid Network

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